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Sanctuary Sanctuary

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Anyway, 1:00 leads naturally into 1:05, and then the resolution was maybe a bit too subtle? Like, the G# is a bit loud and the G at 1:06 is very silent. Nothing crucial though. The snare drum at 1:06 has the same issue as the belltree by the way.

Then a calmer part with very nice djembes and tiny little flute embellishments here and there. Not really too much to say about this particular part except that it's sweet, and it leads very naturally into the "verse" part at 1:28 (still loving the slowdown at 1:24 - makes everything so much more epic than if you just kept a mechanical tempo). The melody in that verse is pretty powerful and clear, and extremely memorable from 1:30 to 1:37. Then at 1:38 there's some variation that makes me forget what the theme originally was. Eh. Oh and did I point out that the staccato strings sound incredible? Complements the melody perfectly. As do the harder percussion parts.

Yet another slow part after that - the transition is amazing in its smoothness - as for the new crescendo at 1:59, you can look at the second paragraph again - but now I'm impressed by how you manage to pull of the same kind of thing in a rather different way. And that you even got the idea - who would think of putting a tiny crescendo there? I know I would just have continued going on with the calm part until it's time for a busier part again. And then I notice that the harp is back and everything is wonderful and the part from 2:04-2:10 (especially 2:10) makes the harmony-lover in me puke rainbows.

New relatively suspenseful part until 2:27 - refer to second paragraph. The full stop at 2:27 is especially nice- very playful. Then a slow build up begins. At 2:44 the shakers really give it some nice drive (and I like how they kinda stop at 2:57 to indicate that there's a change in intensity). There is a lot I appreciate about this part but I feel a lot of what I would say has already been said in previous paragraphs. Well, maybe I should point out the distant staccato strings because those are very nice here.

Okay, 3:00. I can't really remember what it's called but the thing you're doing for 15 seconds there, that thing sounds so god damn professional man. Like, you are teasing me with your masterfulness. Not only are the strings and harp working together nicely but there's some percussion that indicates each point where the intensity drops. Then you introduce the whole orchestra for a brief moment at 3:15 and as I've said a few times, that is awesome. I think it's my second favorite thing about this track, after the fact that there's so many subtle details both in the sound and in the playing style. And the violin with a bit of tremolo on it, just like the mandolin in the earlier part, is another impressive detail.

Then at about 3:20 it's mostly outro stuff- the tune goes full circle by reverting to the atmosphere it had in the intro, and the piano repeats what the harp was doing in the and ends it all with an awesome resolution at 3:50. Love the distant little sound effects at that moment too. And the piano sound is great! Rounded and soft, just like I like it. And again at 3:40 you are teasing me with your masterfulness.. I was expecting the final resolution to be there.

There is exactly one kind of major thing about this that I could complain about - with the long slow buildup from the middle of the track I was expecting another "verse" like the one from 1:07 to 1:25 approximately but that never happened, which was kinda disappointing. Well, not THAT disappointing. Cause you keep impressing me with new exciting parts, it's just that they're calmer than I expected.

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Step responds:

"and then the resolution was maybe a bit too subtle?"

You might be right. I had a lot of difficulty getting the brass chords to sound right because the experienced musicians I showed it to were like "man those are some sweet chords" and the casual music listeners I showed it to were like "ow my ears"... so I had to find a compromise and spent ages messing around with every individual note of the chord to try and balance out the volumes. I'll see if I can fix that resolution.

"The snare drum at 1:06 has the same issue as the belltree by the way."

Oops. Noted as well!

"still loving the slowdown at 1:24"

Haha yeah, when I took away the tempo automation clip the whole thing sounded so dull.

"the staccato strings sound incredible"

THANK GOODNESS. You won't imagine how long those took me!

"but now I'm impressed by how you manage to pull of the same kind of thing in a rather different way"

Wow I'm really happy you noticed that. My main intention was doing exactly that, so for once I did something intentionally which you enjoyed :3.

"And that you even got the idea - who would think of putting a tiny crescendo there?"

Haha I thought of that because Echo showed me his submission which had an *amazing* crescendo around a minute in, and I thought "I have to make something like that". And so the random crescendo was born!

"At 2:44 the shakers really give it some nice drive (and I like how they kinda stop at 2:57 to indicate that there's a change in intensity)"

Good to hear! Those shakers were an afterthought after noticing that I wanted the part at 2:44 to sound a bit more acknowledgeable.

"Okay, 3:00. I can't really remember what it's called but the thing you're doing for 15 seconds there, that thing sounds so god damn professional man."

Yeah I have no idea what it is either :3. Thanks!

"Then you introduce the whole orchestra for a brief moment at 3:15"

Ah, that's a Cmin7 chord. I love that chord!

"And the piano sound is great! Rounded and soft, just like I like it."

Ah good. I boosted the high end a lot more than I usually do for that piano.

"There is exactly one kind of major thing about this"

You're totally right. I was planning on adding one actually, but the project file was lagging so much that I decided to just scrap any ideas I had and move on to the piano solo. Couldn't stand it anymore :P.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey beatmasta

came to think of something... let's all grab our DICKS and have a slow masterbation session

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Buoy responds:


Go Gameboy! Go Gameboy!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like this song

Ah, I wish I was good at making chiptunes :(

The square lead is good, it gets awesome when you make these thrills. The bass sounds good though, you could add an equal sine bass too but that's just me

good stuff man

Longest Song On NG (16:00) Longest Song On NG (16:00)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

SBB's alt

What do I know about the song, I can''t hear it

anyways it was NOT my intention for it to turn into html in that last review, the system seemed to convert it into html. I simply posted the url

sorry man, I just can't even hear it so, :/

Logini responds:

thanks for the ten i enjoyed making this very much!

Karco -- Aurora -- Karco -- Aurora --

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I said relaxing with, not relaxing TO :) (I know I shouldn't be turning this on for relaxation, then again I don't want to get completely stressed by listening to it while I'm making a review :P)

You get one score higher this time for the massive explanation of how stuff is

:P ;) >:) :D :O ;) :D >:C

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Karco responds:

Awesome, one score higher in a second review. Though you could have just PMed me...

>:\ ;) :P :D :O :\ :( :)

(Gillenium) Muse - DEMO (Gillenium) Muse - DEMO

Rated 5 / 5 stars

what I said

I was reviewing the full version at myspace

Gillenium responds:

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out :)

My baritone My baritone

Rated 5 / 5 stars


it was genius and I was the first to say it in a review which means joeynukes is one dirty liar haha

Father-of-Death responds:

hahahaaha I R genius!!!

Karco -- Nova -- Karco -- Nova --

Rated 5 / 5 stars

something happened...

This goes through your song and has a great matrix input to it.
It does also give a techy feeling. It sounds like one of the Microsoft synths, which is a good synth, and this synth is great too. It gets kinda lost after a while though.

(Matrix) Saw:
This synth disappoints me. I didn't like it at all, it sounds kinda cheesy and unthought of, too much fuzz in it too. You should have removed a lot of the notes leaving the main notes there.

I'm kinda surprised you had a piano in there, as it doesn't exactly shine through the style of this. It was a very original touch into it though, and it made the song dramatical.

Intro drums:
This is very good for an intro, not complex at all, but it makes you prepared for the hell of a crazyness that may come. I have such a thing in the song I'm making now. And in the latter part of it it is also a good choice by doubling the hits one measure before the real kick-off.

Main Drums:
Not to forget. The most important part of the whole song. It's just some of the most crazy beat I've ever hears, I'm like; wow, STUNNED. It's totally on-beat and perfectly placed. And they're also heavy as hell. Man, I can't say it enough, how crazy these are.

Same as before, crazy and really heavy. Could have been set even higher too and equalized into the crazyland.

(Noted) Saw:
The main synth in it sounds great, it is surrounding and really a great main synth, and the melody is one of these you will only discover by luck. Amazing.

String Section:
This is another part I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams could have done good any place, but it does. It converts it from a mainstream techno song to an amazing drama song. And they have such great sections too.

People Masses FX:
Why did you put that thing in? It didn't make it better... maybe it made it even more spacy, but for you there is sure a good reason...

Launcher SFX/EFX Combo:
which is put to such a lot of places, and each time introduces a new part of the song. that's at least what I felt it did. And it is a great way to part up the song, but remember to do it softly and not obvious-i-fy it! The ending when you put it in was maybe the best time you did it since you had it so intense.

Background Pad:
Way to low volume on this! You should have it mch higher, and it seems kinda off-tone too. Fix the volume a tad lower and time it right.

Same as the other one, really low volume!
This is toned right though.

Ahhhh, that was good, finishing the various tracks... I must've played this song a wealth of times now.

Now, for the general build of the song.

The start isn't what I would expect of this song. It is kinda unusual and SLOW for this song... kinda like when you're going into a rocket and are prepared for this awesome ride.

And the next part is really this awesome ride! First you launch the rocket, and then it gets fast as hell, and then it slows down kinda, and you feel relaxed... UNTIL you relaunch and you sit back in your seat with tons of G's straight in your face. Then it launches again, and it gets so fucking boosted with speed that you can't even imagine it. And it boosts up the speed again, but this time you reach another dimension, and it feels slower, more floating, but you're still feeling the crazy speed. Everything after that is just going faster and faaaaaaaster.... whoa, I guess I went too much into it :P


Karco responds:

Ouch, that's long! You wrote an essay on my song! XD But I won't respond to your entire review... just the criticism parts. Too... much... scrolling...>_< XD

Gaaaahhh, my lack of synth names/knowledge is really getting on my nerves right now. >=( I really don't know how to respond to any of that. I'll do my best.

The square thing is the pad I introduce in the beginning... right? Yeah, I feel fairly proud of my choice there. And yeah, it does get a bit lost - but I wanted to leave the volumes as they were, as I felt that if I were to change something I would be tempted to change 37 other sounds (exaggeration, there aren't really 37 sounds, of course) and then the song would be all screwed up. =P

Yeah, that blippy Matrix saw thing (you're talking about what I introduce at the end of the introduction, right? It comes back with the piano?) was pretty good where I put it - the main reason I used it was to add to the energy levels of the song. Come on, I did a good job there, right? =P

Yeah, I felt the song needed a piano. You can't have someone listening to a song as crazy as this for four minutes and not get a headache. This needs quiet moments, too. =P

Yeah, the drums in this song are awesome. They run circles around you... like Gunshot, I guess, but 10x better. XD

What do you mean? Should the bass have higher notes or volume? Probably notes - though I'm dealing with weird MP3s and if I make the notes higher, the lengths of those notes get shorter as well, which is annoying.

Yeah... see, my melody is actually a bunch of random note patterns put together. Nothing to be that proud of, though I'll admit it IS pretty catchy. Waaaaay too fast to hum or whistle, though. =P

Yeah, the strings were another nice choice in this song. It's actually supposed to be a pad, but ok. Sure. =D

Without the people masses thing, the song seemed a bit empty - nothing to justify those big transitions. They had to be there, I guess.

No further comments on the SFX/EFX. They are pretty sweet, though. =P

Background pad? Choir? What are you talking about? You already covered all of the instruments in this song. XD

Very nice efforts in that review. Much appreciated - thanks for reviewing and glad you like it so much. =D

...and on another completely unrelated note, I'm hungry. XD (Sorry, couldn't resist - I have extra space.)

Creatine Clockwork Creatine Clockwork

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


another relaxing one, huh?
I guess that´s totally your style. The guitars made it especially good.
Smooth going from start to end, with some unusual breaks, though, this sounds more like its a harbour combined with the incoming harmonica(?) parts.

nice work AGAIN!


(Next review will be a fucking huge one from SBB)

Gillenium responds:

Thanks! I didn't do so well with the mastering of this one, but... the song file is gone, wadda ya gonna do. Evan's a great guitarist. He wanted to name the song Creatine Meltdown and I wanted to name it Clockwork, so we found some middle ground. One of my favorite titles though.

Little Black Cat Little Black Cat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lil blackie

Haha, sounds really cool. More of an arabic style in this, eh?
Experimental, NO? Oh god this is maybe some of the best experimental around, which it really is.
Great pads and rythm.

Gillenium responds:

Thanks! This track doesn't do a whole lot, but it's different, and that's all that matters. Recorded some nice night sounds. Had to steal the owl sound from a website though... although it's public domain, I guess it's not stealing. I hate that damned little black cat..... long story.

Thanks again!